Monday, September 20, 2010

Experience Enrichment Product Rationale

"Grindship" Pepper Grinder

Target Market: Mid 40’s professionals; enjoy entertaining at home, stylish living, interested in other design pieces and art; affluent.

My Experience Enrichment product is a pepper grinder. I intend that this grinder be used in the home of the target market above.
I hoped to create a product which combines effective operation with an attractive shape and that engages with both user and observer as an elegant yet effective product.

It would function as a centrepiece and an item that would sit in the centre of a dining table. Its main purpose is for a dinner-party style of event, a showy piece that is most suitable when entertaining for a number of guests, but it would be just as useful if only dining by yourself. It would feasibly be bought by mid 40’s professionals with disposable income and that have an interest in design pieces and art, with an appreciation for high-quality objects.

I intended to create a product that was more pleasurable to use as a result of a number of factors. I wanted it to be more pleasurable to look at and to handle than many pepper grinders currently available. I intended to build as many pleasurable elements into its design as possible through form, operation, as well as external factors such as sociological and ideological factors. (See Pleasure Analysis)

I wanted to introduce an element of confusion and mystery about the product’s function and this would in turn allow the product to produce an excitement when its function was revealed during a dinner party, and allowing conversation and interest to surround it after this. I also tried to envelop a sense of fun and interaction with the object, as a “passing of the baton” – between guests.

In a real life product, I would intend the product to be fashioned from metal, possibly a stainless steel with a black anodised finish. The form is intentionally quite “non-committal” and anonymous to conceal its function, and I feel that a metal finish suits the form and intent of the product, as well as metal being a suitable material for its perception as a high-technology and high performance material.

As a quick note too, I feel that my grinder has an added benefit during operation – specifically, a smoother and more effortless grind of the material. This comes from a longer grinding shaft inside the body and a larger handle more capable of force transmission. This means that there is a larger mechanical advantage which allows for less effort in the grinding of the pepper. Smoother grinding with less clunkiness in operation will bring more pleasure to the manual act of grinding. I feel that this is an important aspect that is not possible to show in the appearance model itself.

In ending, I hope this product ends up being viewed as I intended it to, and that it is successful!


  1. I love the shape, its very sleek and sophisticated, much like your target market should be, successful not in terms of monetary wealth but life experience. If an anodised finish can appear just like your model, it will certainly become a very striking "centre piece" amongst the house hold items. I personally dont know much about the mechanism of a grinder, however with your explanation, i certainly see your product would appeal to your market. Overall its a beautiful product, and your execution is excellent. the only concern i might have is, it might be hard to grip if the hands were a bit oily. have you considered putting some textured plastic paddings for a better grip?

  2. I loved the simplicity of this design. it could easily take center stage when not in use on the dinning table and provide for an interesting piece for conversation when guests are intrigued to what it actually is. well done Rory

  3. This design was one which captured my attention instantly. The appearance model had a beautiful, dark finish which led me to want to discover its function. Once determining that it was a pepper grider, I could see how this product suited your target market perfectly, as it would be a centre piece on a table with functional purpose or even sit on display showing off its mysterious appearance, creating conversation from guests. If this product was to be developed to be sold in the market, I think you would need to look at the overall weight when the pepper grinder was full if it was to be produced out of metal.

  4. Such a mysterious object, just plays on the human’s primal curiosity. You just want to find out what it is. The solid black colour and size almost demands your attention but not in a bad way. Its like the Alessi juicer in terms of a centre or table piece object but it works – which is a huge bonus.
    The only thing I’d change is the fact you came up with this idea before me. Well done mate.

  5. I found that your design was very suitable to your target market. The intial appearance does have a mysterious feel about it as you intended and would work great as a centrepiece for the dining table however, I must disagree with the use of colour. Black does have the sleek sophisticated feel but when it comes to kitchenware and dining table ornaments, i don't see it fit as suitable as chrome or silver. Overall great job, looks great and functional. 5 stars mate.