Sunday, August 12, 2012

Design Feedback - Focus Group

Open Discussion - Difficulties
Not clear about form of product packaging.
No product graphics -
Clear views for product, 3D renders - clarification in the form for posters.
Foil covers what's inside - a lot of it is people seeing the toothbrush which is a point of sale - people need to know it's a toothbrush in order to buy it.
Boy version/Girl version - is there a girl's differentiation for the same product/package?
Good understanding of the use of the packaging for packaging life.
Lot of text on page. No actual image of product, which would make people stay to look/catch attention.
Foil looks really sturdy on page. Thin polypropylene instead?? Ripping difficulties in opening package?
Taking toothbrush in and out of the holder itself and how you go about it.
Graphics for exterior of packaging to make clear what the product is.

Graphics make product more obvious what it is.
Solution page remove text and add more graphical representations.
Problem illustration - "pictures tell a thousand words"
Reading is hard!! remove text and replace with images.
Manufacturing detail can illustrate perforations detail
Age group illustration in either packaging problem or exterior graphics
Demonstrate removal/placement

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